Hand Stamped Jewellery



Create your personalised keepsakes here! Select the metal, size and shape from the the list below and choose your words, names, initials or numbers that you want stamped. A perfect gift for that someone special.

Your personalised charm/disc comes with either a beaded stretch, chain, thin cord or macrame strap bracelet.

How to order:
1) Please use the contact button

2) Message me with the following information:
A- Choice of disc shape and colour

  • Medium rectangle gold £12 (Bracelet)
    Medium rectangle silver £12 (Bracelet)
  • Tear Drop Silver £10 (Necklace)
  • Horse shoe with circle stamped charm £15 (Necklace)

B- Choice of bracelet strap

Chain strap (gold or silver metal)
Thin black cord strap (Bracelet)
Macramé black strap (Bracelet)

C- Size of bracelet for perfect fit (estimates are fine)

D- Choice of text! Here’s the important part!

What do you want stamped?? Don’t make it too long, the maximum characters for the largest bracelet shapes is around 30.

Maximum characters for the tear drop charm is 8

Maximum characters for the circle charm is 3

What can I have stamped? As long as it fits….anything with characters and numbers, no punctuation or images apart from full stops I’m afraid.

Here’s some ideas below…. The options are endless…..if it fits, I’ll stamp it!

Please note, items are hand made to order and turn around will be around 5 days before being posted first class recorded @ £1.50

(Please message me if you want a different jewellery item or for multiple/repeat buys)





Some examples could be : Your favourite literary quote….


Medical Bracelet :


Band name…


Meaningful words :


Name on a chain, your name, your child’s name, your loved ones name, your pets name….





Partner initials :


Initials and/or Important dates, birthday, wedding, engagement, graduation :



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