A Very Vintage Collaboration

I have potentially very exciting news…. I’ve been in talks with a vintage bridal shop based in Lancashire, “Very Vintage Bridal” about setting up R and R in their shop. The plan is to use vintage jewellery pieces and to turn them in to wearable accessories for brides. Pieces will be made for shop display and purchase, but brides will also be able to use my design and customisation service to create a perfect item to match their vintage dress.

This is the first piece I’ve made from a vintage brooch. I deconstructed the brooch to create more crystal materials and re worked them in to a silver chain. Attached to the remainder of the brooch, the piece is a circlet headband, which basically just drapes over the head.

I imagine this piece to be worn backwards during the ceremony so the guests can see the beautiful focal point, and then turned around with the main piece at the front, or to the side for the rest of the wedding !






2 thoughts on “A Very Vintage Collaboration

  1. That looks amazing, good luck with the project. You should get a commission over here, the Italian weddings are very elaborate and they spend a fortune on original pieces for the brides and bridesmaids.

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