Here it is! My website 🙂

Highly anticipated by many people I’m sure….and a welcome surprise to many others.

The site is very easy to navigate around and holds quite a few jewels for you to purchase.

Please remember, the majority of my pieces are one offs and will disappear from the website once they are sold….they will quickly be replaced by new, exciting pieces however!

The purchasing system at the moment is by email request, but I hope to be adding a shopping cart in the near future!

I would advise you keep checking back to see what’s new…or you can subscribe to my blog via the side of this page where you can get email updates of my new items. Alternatively you can follow me on twitter, instagram or like my facebook page! Find these details on the Contact page 🙂

Thank you so much for looking and I hope to be doing business with you soon!

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hello Hello!

    Great website, I love your items you are very talented…. I shall be ordering lots more from you soon 🙂

    Mel xx (diamonds & daisies)

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